Our Mission

We, those with links to Korea through birth, heritage, marriage, adoption, or other ties, want to be a cultural bridge connecting local Korean-American groups with one another and the greater central Pennsylvania community.


We will do this by serving as a:

  • community gathering "place" ... coordinating events that continue to build friendships and cultural understanding

  • central information source ... establishing connections through promotion of the activities, opportunities, and needs of area groups and individuals via print and online publications

  • visible presence and voice in the community... developing healthy relationships with other racial and ethnic groups, and area institutions responsible for educational and cultural events.


Our Structure & Programs

Ta-ri is a project of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (www.tfec.org), fiscal sponsor. Donations are tax-deductible.


Ta-ri, which means “bridge” in Korean, grew out of a series of cultural programs planned in 2005 at the New Cumberland Public Library. Our anchor events are gatherings connected to the two major Korean holidays—SolNal (Lunar New Year) and Chusok (Fall Harvest). We also host a summer picnic, participate in and promote other community events, and offer occasional classes and discussions related to cooking, language, and literature. The main language spoken at our events is English.


Our group is led by a Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and volunteer staff and is governed by these bylaws.

Executive Director

Stacy Schroeder


Board of Directors

Michael Stanley (chair)

Connie Wonder (vice-chair)

Joseph Lohuis (treasurer) 

Erni Peterson (secretary) 

Michelle Kidman

Jodi Sulpizio


Advisory Council

Helen Aurand

Angela Blotzer

Jennifer Franklin

Patty Kim

Osun Kwon

Hyung Ku Nilsen

Bongrae Seok

Cindy Vriens

Yong Yi

Alyson Yost


Graphic Designer

Kellie Argot

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